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  • I am type 2 diabetic. Can I do the protocol?
  • You can quite safely do the protocol. About 20% of our clients have type 2 diabetes and the only issue is that blood glucose levels need to be monitored because your medications will become too strong for you and will need to be reduced. Most people with type 2 diabetes end up medication free before the end of the protocol and remain that way going forward.
  • I am prediabetic / have metabolic syndrome. Is your protocol safe for me?
  • It is completely safe. In many cases you will have no sign of the condition afterwards. However, only people who stick to the protocol rigidly can normally realise this benefit. Those who then follow our guidelines for lifestyle adjustments afterwards will continue to see the benefits.
  • What illnesses does your protocol cure?
  • We do not claim to cure anything, but based on our experience, a vast number of health issues are resolved, or at least vastly improved, by the end of the protocol.
  • I have hypertension. Can I do the diet?
  • Many of our clients have hypertension and are on medications when they start the protocol. The most important issue is to monitor your blood pressure during the protocol because it will come down, which means that your medications will become too strong for you and need to be reduced. Most people who are hypertensive no longer need medications by the time that they have completed the protocol. Much of this is as a natural result of the weight loss itself.
  • I have had a heart attack. Can I do the protocol?
  • You can but we will possibly need to modify the protocol slightly for you, depending on when you had the heart attack and the state of your current health.
  • I have congestive heart failure. Can I do the protocol?
  • You can. We however modify the protocol slightly for people with CHF because your body has slightly different needs and responses compared to someone who does not have heart failure.
  • I am 16. Can I do the diet?
  • Normally we do not accept clients at this age because it is generally not a good idea to be dieting while you are still growing. However, your individual situation would need to be assessed because we do accept younger people in certain exceptional circumstances.
  • I am 67. Can I do the diet?
  • Yes you can. We have accepted people over 70 years old. It however comes down to your reason for doing it, the state of your general health and your overall lifestyle.
  • I am disabled and cannot exercise. Will the protocol still work for me?
  • Yes it will. During Phase 2 - the active weight loss phase - exercise is not allowed because it interferes with the processes.
  • I have tried a huge number of diets and nothing has worked. This makes me cynical about any diet. How is your protocol different?
  • It is different because it is not really a weight loss protocol. Just as weight is normally a symptom of underlying issues, so weight loss is a result of correcting those issues. Our protocol always results in weight loss because the focus is not on weight loss. It is on rest, cleansing, restoration and balancing.
  • I don't have a problem losing weight, but I always pile it back on afterwards. Will this happen to me with your programme?
  • Not if you work with us. The actual weight loss phase is 8 weeks. The maintenance and lifestyle support thereafter is more than 12 months, which shows where our focus lies.
  • Why don't you have more testimonies on your website?
  • There are 2 main reasons. Firstly, we only post real testimonials given to us in writing. This means that any testimonial that you see can be validated by a written record. Many people are happy to give glowing references verbally (which is how most of our clients find us), but are not very forthcoming with written feedback.

    Secondly, we do not post testimonials without the client's written consent and some people are very private and nervous that their name could be recognised. They are therefore happy to give us a written testimonial, but not for us to use it in marketing.
    It is for this same reason that faces are blanked out in most of the photos on the site.
  • Why have I never heard of you before?
  • Stick around. That is changing. To date we have not done big budget advertising, which means that you will not see posters, newspaper or magazine advertisements for Terrene LifeTM Weightloss. All of our clients come to us either by word of mouth or our website, which means that only people who have used us will generally be talking about us.
  • I need to lose weight for my daughter's wedding in 2 months’ time. How much can I lose in that time?
  • Our protocol brings rapid weight loss, but that is relative to your body, so it is impossible to say exactly how much you would lose. However, assuming that you stick to the protocol completely, you would most likely be looking at between 10 and 15kg.
  • Do you have a branch in Johannesburg / Cape Town?
  • Not yet, but we do have clients across South Africa and abroad. Thanks to modern technology, we can work with clients remotely, although the personal consultations are always first prize. We are however now moving into franchising as well, so the end objective is to have outlets around the country in the future.
  • Do you take credit card payments?
  • We do, both for local and remote clients. Please just ask for this option at time of payment.
  • I am scared of rapid weight loss. I don't want to end up looking old and haggard. How do you prevent this?
  • The nature of the protocol itself prevents this because that only happens when there is indiscriminate weight loss. There are different types of fat in the body. This protocol only burns the bad fat. It never effects essential fat or muscle.
  • Your protocol says no exercise but I am a competitive swimmer and cannot slow down my training. Will your protocol not work for me?
  • We do occasionally have clients who are athletic at a competitive level and who must continue their training throughout the protocol. The protocol does work, but the monitoring process is a bit more challenging and it can cause the losses to be somewhat slower. It also means that you will most likely regain quite quickly should you ever reduce your level of exercise. This is the norm. If you exercise while losing weigh, you have to keep exercising to maintain it.
  • Where can I buy your pills?
  • You can't. The pills are an integral part of an overall protocol and cannot just be taken on their own.
  • What shakes/pills/supplements does your protocol use?
  • None. There is a homeopathic formula that is taken in pillule form, but that is all. Some individuals may need certain supplements based on their personal needs, but this is not part of the protocol.
  • A friend of mine has done your diet and lost a lot of weight. I want to do it but he told me that there is no breakfast. I am on chronic medications and must have breakfast. Does this mean I cannot do your diet?
  • We have many clients in the same situation and there is a workaround to accommodate that. The full benefits of the protocol are still achieved.
  • I work night shift every second week and this makes my routine very abnormal. Can I still do your protocol?
  • You can, but you will face challenges. Night shift does impact negatively on your body, especially if you are switching that frequently between day and night. Normally we find that losses during the night shift week are slower.
  • I have hypothyroidism. Will your protocol work?
  • Yes it will. It is astonishing how many of our new clients do in fact have hypothyroidism! Losses may be a bit slower, but in most cases there is no difference between the person with hypothyroidism and the person without.
  • My weight has gone out of control since menopause and I was told it is just a normal part of ageing because of the hormonal changes in my body, but my cousin, who is also menopausal, did your diet and went back down to her normal weight. Was this just unique to her or can you always help with menopausal weight gain?
  • This was not unique to your friend. It is the norm. For most people there is no reason why menopause needs to cause a permanent weight issue. Losses may be a bit slower because of the hormonal influences, but it is entirely possible to get to a much younger weight. Many of our clients end up at the weight they were when they were in their 20’s.
  • My sister had very painful osteoarthritis and did your protocol.She has not had pain since then. I have very painful joints. Does your protocol cure arthritis?
  • The protocol cures nothing, but by the end of it most people do end up pain free and either free of medication or with medications drastically reduced.Much of this is as a direct result of the weight loss itself, along with the avoidance of the foods that cause/aggravate inflammation and pain.Arthritis, depending on how far advanced it is and the amount of damage already done, can be alleviated by nutritional and lifestyle means in many cases.
  • Is your diet safe for someone who only has 1 kidney?
  • Although we have not had many, we have in fact had clients with just one kidney and there were no problems at all. We do however monitor all clients to keep tabs on overall health throughout the protocol.
  • I have to go for hip replacement and my surgeon told me I have to lose at least 20kg before the operation. I am 58 years old and the operation needs to be done as soon as possible. How long do you think it would take for me to lose the weight on your programme?
  • It really does depend on your metabolism, but given our norms for your age group I would estimate between 13 and 17 weeks.
  • A lot of people I know have done your diet and they have all done well. They say that I have to tell you my weight every day. What if I do not want to be policed in this way? Can I not just do it on my own if I am prepared to take full responsibility for the result? I really do not need someone monitoring me all the time.
  • Unfortunately we do not accept clients on that basis. In the early days we did allow a few people to talk us into this and they failed miserably in terms of the three key components:
    - their ability to stick to protocol;
    - the speed of their losses and;
    - maintaining the loss afterwards.
  • I am getting married in 8 months’ time and need to lose about 15kg. It is better for me to wait until just before the wedding to do the diet? I am so scared of losing it now and then gaining it again before the wedding, which would mean it was all for nothing.
  • There are basically 2 scenarios to consider here. If you are only concerned about looking stunning on your wedding day and do not mind regaining it all afterwards, then doing the protocol shortly before the wedding would work.However, if you would like to maintain your weight loss after your wedding day as well, then now is the time to start. That allows you to achieve the weight loss without the stress of your date looming, plus stabilize, plus learn to maintain it.

    By going with the second option you will have far less stress and a much more meaningful outcome. You will also be able to enjoy your wedding without worrying about every morsel that you put into your mouth because by then you will know exactly how to manage and maintain your weight, even after a day of flat-out indulgence.

    Remember that our support continues long after you have lost your weight. Even if something had to go completely haywire and you did regain some of the weight before the wedding, if you use our support and keep talking to us, we can get you back on track very quickly before the big day.
  • My husband, daughter, son and myself would like to come in for a free consultation. Can you see us at the same time or must we make separate appointments? ?
  • It is fine if you want to come together.
    We allow 2 hours for the first consultation, of which roughly the first 60-90 minutes are purely about exchanging information and answering questions. The last 15 minutes are a "get-you-started" overview of what to do next. For these 2 parts of the session, group settings are fine. It is only the physical personal assessment in the middle that is private, which takes 15-20 minutes per person.
  • Why does the first consultation take so long?
  • It does not always take 2 hours and sometimes it takes even longer. 2 Hours is what we have found to be a good period to allow, but it does not mean it necessarily takes 2 hours.

    Although the process is fairly simple, there is a huge amount of information to cover up-front. It is important that you fully understand the protocol before you make any commitment to do it and we go out of our way to ensure that you are making an informed decision and that you are ready for the commitment.
    Covering all the key information is what takes up most of the time during the first consultation, along with any questions that you may have.
    If you have a complicated medical profile or lifestyle, then it will take even longer for us to discuss this and give you all the pros and cons to you doing the protocol.

    At the risk of sounding arrogant, we really do not want clients who are not certain about their decision and committed to it because we invest a lot of time in each person and it is quite disheartening to be more invested in someone’s progress than they themselves are. For this reason we would rather try to talk you out of doing it than rush into a sign-up or try to convince you to do it.
  • How can I have the free consultation if I am in Pretoria?
  • For people who are not able to personally attend the first consultation, we communicate via telephone and email. This is a bit slower, but covers all the same points as the personal consultation. We do however prefer to meet clients one-on-one wherever this is at all possible.
  • Where can I get a copy of your terms and conditions?
  • The journal that you receive with your programme kit does contain the terms on the back page. At the time of completing the assessment and registration form, a full copy is given to you as part of that document, for you to go through before signing.

    Please also note that the terms specifically state that your signature does not constitute agreement between you and Terrene LifeTM Weightloss ands Wellness. It is only once you make payment that an agreement, along with the terms and conditions, comes into effect. Please see the next answer for the link to download a copy of the assessment form, including the current terms and conditions if you wish to preview them.
  • I want to do your protocol. Where can I get the assessment form?
  • The form that you use depends on where you are based. You can select and download a copy of the relevant assessment form from this page
  • What is your exact address?
  • We currently work strictly by appointment, which is why we do not advertise the exact address. When you make an appointment, we will provide you with it, plus directions if needed.
  • How much does it cost?
  • The cost and all related details can be accessed from this page
  • I work and it is hard to get to you. Can you see me on a Sunday?
  • We unfortunately do not consult on Sundays, but do work crazy hours in an attempt to accommodate everyone. For full details on our hours, please visit our Contact Us & Hours
  • Do you only work with women?
  • If you look at our testimonials you will see that we work with both men and women and often have couples or even complete families signing up together.
  • Do you give discounts where a family sign up together?
  • Unfortunately not. Our costing is based strictly on individual sign-ups because we provide uncompromising individual attention and support throughout.
  • I am due to have my baby in about 2 weeks’ time and am worried about my post-natal weight. Can I come and see you now to sign up so that I can start as soon as the baby is born?
  • You are welcome to take advantage of the free consultation right now, but we would not accept a signup from you at this point. Once the baby is born, you have fully recovered and baby is no longer dependent on you for all its nutrition (breast feeding), then that would be the time to look at our protocol, if you still need it.

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