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If you are in the UK you would sign up with our outlet on the Isle of Man. At this stage we do not have an outlet on the UK mainland yet, but dealing with our IOM outlet would be a lot more cost effective and feasible than doing it via our South African operations.

The protocol is slightly different for someone in IOM who attends weekly consultations, vs someone from the mainland or one of the other islands who does not. This page deals specifically with IOM-based clients. If you are not IOM-based, details of your protocol are available on this page.

A IOM Client is defined as someone who can and will attend the initial consultation in Douglas and will continue to attend weekly consultations in Douglas if you sign up.

The course lasts between 12 and 14 weeks, of which 6-8 weeks is the active weight loss phase, with 12 months of lifestyle support thereafter.

Cost: There are 2 payment options available to you:

£130 at sign-up and £85 at the end of the month.
Please note: We only offer this split payment plan to IOM clients. Clients from other UK locations are required to make one, upfront payment. Details are available on this page.

We offer a reduction for clients who wish to pay for the full course upfront, which reduces the total cost to a single payment of £190 (£25 saving).

Your full protocol guidelines and personal journal.
Sufficient Terrene LifeTM RTF formula for the period of phases 1 and 2 (no formula is taken after that).
Extensive initial consultation.
All further consultations - there are normally at least 9 personal consultations plus daily communication up to the end of Phase 3, plus any additional consultations that may be required for 12 months thereafter.
Full ad-hoc support.

Additional costs:
If you do not already have them, you will need to purchase:
  1. Accurate digital bathroom scale that measures to within 100g.
  2. Accurate digital kitchen scale that measures to within 1g - don't panic. You are not weighing everything you eat. Only 1 food item gets weighed per meal and it is always the same weight, so no complicated weighing, measuring or calculating is involved.
  3. Daily food costs: the cost of your meals normally cause a reduction in your food bill during Phase 2.

There are no other additional costs, unless you decide at the end of phase 2 to extend that phase. The cost of extending Phase 2 is £15 per week, with various discounts available under certain circumstances.


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