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How is Terrene LifeTM Weightloss Protocol Different?

What is most important for you when determining to lose weight is to establish which of the many available options will best suit you, with each one providing convincing before and after photos, endless testimonials and very convincing arguments.

  • We deal with you as a whole person. Not just as kilogrammes and centimetres.
  • We are not dependent on supplements to achieve results.
  • A success story to us is one that sees you healthy throughout the process, with good health and sustained weightloss a year later.
  • We work with a small number of clients at a time to ensure that our commitment to you is never compromised.
  • We view our function not as one of policing, but as one of support.
  • We monitor you daily and meet with you weekly to ensure that we can address any hiccups immediately.

Typically, diets focus on one thing and one thing only: weight loss.
This is simply not good enough.
At Terrene LifeTM we are concerned about:

Indiscriminate weight loss can do as much harm to the human body as carrying some extra weight. Losing muscle and losing essential fats that protect the body are potentially dangerous, while losing water is illusory, yet all of these will result in a lower number on your scale and possibly even a loss of centimetres.

Many diets attempt to counter the negative effects by depending on a multitude of supplements and nutrient boosters. However, the only form in which the human body can consistently metabolise minerals and vitamins in the correct way at the correct dosage, is via natural foods.

We are incredible machines, designed to function at optimal efficiency in even the most primitive of states, with lean, healthy bodies that are able to sustain and regulate themselves internally - naturally.

Taking daily mega doses of multi vitamins and minerals is unnatural, is not the way that we were designed to function and simply continues the cycle of abusing our bodies with excesses of substances that are unnatural, processed, manipulated or just plain toxic.

Obesity and excess weight are a symptom of physiological malfunction.

The fact that a diet depends on supplements indicates that it is addressing the symptom of overweight via nutritional starvation methods, rather than recognising the underlying malfunction and addressing the cause.

Terrene LifeTM goes to the source of the problem and does not just focus on weight loss, but targets the physiological malfunction that caused the excessive weight in the first place.

There are no supplements that form a common component/requirement because your body will not be starved and will, during the course of the protocol re-learn how to metabolise nutrients correctly.

Another key difference between the Terrene LifeTM protocol and typical diets is that we monitor your weight daily. This allows us to pick up clear patterns in your weight loss and address any problems very quickly.

It is also hugely encouraging for you to see the difference day-by-day and know that you are in control of your body, not the other way around.

Your first consultation and assessment are absolutely free, with no obligation or pressure to commit.

The first consultation involves quite a comprehensive assessment that includes the normal weight and measurements, but goes further to look at your weight history, your medical profile, a urine analysis and your body profile. We are not very concerned with your body type classification or BMI because those are almost entirely irrelevant except to provide future 'before and after' data.

The protocol itself is however entirely independent of these statistics because the focus is on getting your body back to its correct 'default' settings. In the end, your body itself will provide the correct statistics.

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