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Who Will Benefit

When it comes to weight loss, people generally fit one of 4 basic profiles. We describe each profile as follows:

Weightloss ProfileBenefit from Terrene LifeTM Protocol?

The Easy Dieters
You can lose weight as easily as you gain it. It just takes a bit of determination and self-control.

Yes. Very quickly, though you most likely do not need it.The greatest benefit for you doing this protocol is if you normally regain as easily as you lose. The mechanics of the protocol makes it much harder to regain weight that has been lost.

The Structured Dieter
You can generally lose weight without an issue, but need a structure (a formal weight loss programme) to assist you. Without this you find it very hard to stick to your resolve.

Yes. Very quickly. We offer a very clear protocol with tremendous, unwaivering support.

There is also the added benefit that it becomes harder to regain the weight you have lost.

The Disproportionate Dieter
You can lose weight with or without major effort, but have certain problem areas that nothing will shift - neither exercise nor gym. You are most likely a prime candidate for liposuction.

Yes. Quickly. People like yourself are amongst the most satisfied after completing the protocol because the problem areas are finally in proportion - without having to resort to surgery.

You will also not lose weight on any other area of your body where you do not have excess fat.

The Impossible Dieter
You simply cannot lose weight no matter how much you exercise or change your lifestyle or even starve yourself.

Permanent weight loss and having a body that you can love seems like an impossible fantasy that you will never achieve.

If you ever do manage to lose a kilogramme, it simply comes straight back, no matter how strict and careful you are with what you eat. You have most likely been lectured, judged, told that you lack self-discipline, called lazy, told you eat too much, mocked, teased and ridiculed.

When you go on a diet and do not achieve the results, you are accused of cheating.

You may even have been tested for hypothyroidism and nothing was found wrong, which further reinforced the belief that you are simply a lazy glutton looking for an excuse.

It is very possible that you have already given up and resigned yourself to living the rest of your life with a body that is a daily source of stress.

As the writer of this, my heart goes out to you, because I was you.

Yes. Yes. Yes! Perhaps a bit slower than the first three groups of people, but still quite quickly - and it can be kept off!

People with your profile are the greatest success stories of this protocol because we know what others don't - that the issue is not gluttony, laziness or lack of will power. It is a severe malfunction of certain physiological functions and this is exactly what Terrene LifeTM protocol addresses.

It goes to this root cause and this is what makes it work where all others have failed.

The 'normal' body that you fantasise about is the body you were meant to have. Something has gone wrong.

We can help.

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