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Terrene LifeTM protocol is generally stricter than diets you may have tried, but is also remarkably simple to follow. Foods eaten are cheap and readily available. Although it is based on low caloric intake by mouth, there is no calorie counting and only 1 food item is weighed per meal. This is always the same weight.

It comprises of 5 phases, the first 4 lasting a very specific period of time:

  1. Phase 1: Preparation phase : 2-10 days based on your initial assessment and progress on Phase 1. (norm is 4-5)
  2. Phase 2: Restricted eating coupled with the daily intake of the RTF formula: 43 days
  3. Phase 3: Stabilisation phase : 3 weeks.
  4. Phase 4: Reorientation phase: 3+ weeks.
  5. Phase 5: Maintenance phase: lifetime maintenance that does not require a complete change in lifestyle to the point of being impossible. Generally diets are dependent on a complete change in the way you eat and the amount of exercise that you get. With this protocol we encourage you to make healthier choices wherever you possibly can, but you do not need to give up anything or start spending hours working out. The point is to get your body working within YOUR sustainable lifestyle, not make it impossible to live your normal life. By this point you will have learned how your body reacts to various foods and how to avoid or immediately correct any overload situation that could or does result in weight gain. Increased awareness becomes the key to maintaining the weight loss.

We do need to state here that if you perpetually eat excessive amounts of high calorie foods while sitting behind a desk or being a couch potato, then maintaining your weight loss will be harder.

Once your body programming has been reset, the basic principle of 'input must equal output' in order to maintain a healthy body and weight, will apply, because this is how the body is designed to function.

However, by the end of the protocol you will find that your required portion sizes and hunger levels have normalized, your attitude toward food has shifted and your attitude toward your body has changed.

This means that if you previously had a lifestyle that was guaranteed to cause poor health and high weight, then all of these factors combined will make it a lot easier to make the few lifestyle adjustments that may be needed.

This process and the length of each phase means that you need to allow a period of 10-12 weeks in order to lose the weight and adjust back into your normal lifestyle with the new weight sustainable.

The period for phase 2 can however be reduced or slightly extended in certain individual cases, depending on the total amount that you need to lose and your overall physiological profile.

The minimum period that can be allowed for an entire course on the protocol is however 7 weeks and the maximum would be around 16 weeks.

During a single course of 6-8 weeks you can typically expect to lose between 9kg and 16kg. The exact amount that you lose is dependent on a few factors:

  • How strictly you follow the protocol (deviations will cost you dearly)
  • The length of your specific protocol (average loss for a normal 6 week active phase is 12-15kg.)
  • Your overall health and medical history, both historical and current.
  • Your menopausal state - some women lose slower during pre-menopause and menopause.
  • Your dieting history - a history of yo-yo dieting can slow your losses
  • Your massage history - a history of 'hard' massages can cause difficulties in some areas of the body.

This would all be discussed with you fully, before you make any commitments.

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