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We could say that the Terrene LifeTM RTF protocol addresses the endocrine system, but it in fact goes beyond the endocrine system, right to the very organ that controls it.

It goes back prior to genetics and obesity traits with which you may have been born.

It goes back prior to cellular memory that keeps forcing your body to repeat the same wrong processes over and over again.

The main focus of the protocol is to reset your body back to its correct state, prior to everything that has caused its processes to go awry, including the abuse that is normally associated with Western living, namely the high intake of toxins, chemicals, modified and processed foods that essentially go against nature (and therefore stress our bodies) and synthetic drugs, hormones and supplements.

Imagine an electronic device, like your cell phone, that has one of those wonderful buttons you can click which will, 'restore factory default settings'. No matter how much you have messed up the settings, you can always undo all the damage and start again.

Now imagine that your body had just such a switch.
It does.
This is a very simplified illustration of what the Terrene LifeTM RTF protocol does to your body.

The protocol forces the release of cellular memory right along with the release of all your abnormal fat. It also re-programmes your body to register a new 'correct' weight and a new way of processing and storing energy so that regaining the weight that you have lost is a lot harder than on normal diets.

Finally, once you have reached your correct weight, it corrects any genetic propensity that you may have toward obesity.

This all means that even if you do become totally negligent afterwards and start gorging on all the wrong foods and drinks, the weight that you gain would be different to the weight previously gained.

This is both a good and bad thing. Good because you will not follow the old patterns of gaining in specific problem areas. Bad because your weight gain would be more evenly distributed and therefore harder to detect.

For this reason, starting from day 1 on the protocol, there is one rule that must be adhered to for the rest of your life:

Weigh yourself every single day.

If you do this religiously and you do ever notice a weight gain, it can be immediately rectified - literally overnight.


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