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While this protocol works for everyone, regardless of age, weight, size, shape or level of activity, you are unique and every body is not exactly the same as every other body.

Lifestyle habits, genetics and your personal history can and most likely will, to some extent, affect the exact day-to-day behavior of your body whilst following the protocol.

However, the basic physiology of most human bodies is identical, which means that if you adhere to this strictly, you WILL see results. In fact, most people report results that far exceed their expectations because of the impact of this protocol on overall health and wellness.

What every single person does experience is the following:

  1. Rapid weight loss. Contrary to popular belief based on outdated and misunderstood information (sadly, still frequently touted), this is not dangerous. The issue is not the rapid weight loss, it is HOW this is achieved that is the issue. With Terrene LifeTM, your overall health is an essential part of the overall focus.
  2. Proportionate body shape once your correct weight has been reached.
  3. Loss of cellulite.
  4. Healthy skin tone and appearance.
  5. Various health problems either cleared up or reduced.
  6. New 'normal' body weight locked into your brain.
  7. New 'programming' that dictates your body deals correctly with energy storage going forward, resulting in a maintained weight loss.


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