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What follows is an extremely simplified explanation of how the Terrene LifeTM RTF protocol resets the body.

At the base of the brain exists the tiniest organ in the human body, the diencephalon. This relays sensory information between different regions in the brain and controls some major bodily functions, including the automatic functions, endocrine functions and motor functions, hearing, vision, smell, taste, touch and homeostasis.

Amongst the automatic functions, the fact that we are most concerned with is that it controls the way in which the body stores energy reserves (in the form of body fat) and later draws on them when needed.

It is this organ on which the protocol works and which is reset via the combination of the RTF formula and the extremely strict diet that is followed during the protocol.The combination and quantity of foods that you eat on the protocol provide basic nutrition and keep normal digestive processes functioning, while simultaneously allowing the body to cleanse and rest.

At the same time, the formula that you take daily forces the breakdown of abnormal fat deposits, releasing these into the bloodstream for consumption in exactly the way that the body is designed to function.

One of the problems with normal diets is that the energy reserves that your body taps into when restricting your intake are indiscriminately selected, normally from the areas of the body that are not in fact storing the largest and oldest bulk. Once you have lost all the easily accessible fat, muscle tissue starts to be used for energy, yet the 'problem areas' somehow still remain. You could be looking anorexic everywhere else and have a drawn and haggard face from excessive weight loss - yet still have the unsightly bumps and bulges that simply will not shift!

This is where the Terrene LifeTM RTF protocol physically shows itself to not be like any diet.

Because of the way that this protocol works, it ONLY targets the problem areas - the abnormal fat deposits that your body should have shed a long time ago, but hasn't. It also NEVER draws from muscle tissue.

This means that while losing weight your body shape changes correctly and becomes better proportioned and, no matter what, you can never lose more weight than you should because muscle and essential fats that are there to protect your body can never be lost. There is no looking haggard and no feeling hungry. There is also no requirement to hit the gym or start exercising madly.

In fact, you are specifically required to NOT suddenly increase your daily activity level during the protocol as this can interfere with the very sensitive processes that are taking place in your body.

If you are so inclined afterwards, exercise is indisputably good for many aspects of your health and we highly encourage it, but your weight is not dependent on it.


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