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Community-Outreach-DurbanAt TERRENE LIFETM we are passionate about helping people reach their weight loss and health goals, but that is not all we are about. We have a vision for a future that is filled with promise. And we believe that itis up to every individual to play a part in building that future.

With that in mind, we are venturing off into our community to find needs which we can fill and make one small change at a time until the day comes that we can begin to affect changes on a larger scale.

So our first initiative is a charity drive in honour of Mandela Day, collecting items for the homeless in our community.

We have a collection box in our Reception area should you wish to add anything to our collection, which we will deliver on the 18th.

We have been asked for the following items:
- Plastic plates
- Tablespoons and teaspoons
- Toys
- Blankets & Linen
- Clothes
- Cleaning equipment
- Non-perishable food

Please join us in offering a helping hand to those less fortunate in our community.


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