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There is so much information these days about the health risks associated with being overweight or obese that we will not belabor the point here.

The chances are that if you are reading this, you are already aware of these issues and are busy evaluating your options. At the very least, you are considering some means of weight loss for either yourself or a loved one.

The question is, what situation are you trying to address?

We Succeed Where Other Don't

Terrene Life™ weightloss and obesity treatment protocol is unlike any typical diet and can help you in all of these situations. We succeed where others don't for 3 main reasons:

• We take a personalised approach and offer more than a single diet. This allows us to assess what would work best for you - our most popular Rapid Targeted Fatloss (RTF) protocol, our Leptin Boosting (LB) protocol or a protocol designed specifically for you.

• In nearly every case however it is the RTF protocol that comes up trumps and is our first choice for a simple and sustainable weight loss.

• We take a holistic approach. Weight loss is just one aspect of overall health and we are very mindful of this from the moment you first meet with us until the day we wave goodbye to the new, slimmer, happier you.

• We walk with you every step of the way, encouraging, advising, adjusting, creating tailored interventions, helping you to cope with curve balls (like the unexpected lunch with the boss!) ... 7 days a week. Based on feedback from our clients, it is this aspect that seems to make the most difference.



What illnesses does your protocol cure?

We do not claim to cure anything, but based on our experience, a vast number of health issues are resolved, or at least vastly improved, by the end of the protocol.

I have had a heart attack. Can I do the protocol?

You can but we will possibly need to modify the protocol slightly for you, depending on when you had the heart attack and the state of your current health.

I am 67. Can I do the diet?

Yes you can. We have accepted people over 70 years old. It however comes down to your reason for doing it, the state of your general health and your overall lifestyle.

I have tried a huge number of diets and nothing has worked. This makes me cynical about any diet. How is your protocol different?

It is different because it is not really a weight loss protocol. Just as weight is normally a symptom of underlying issues, so weight loss is a result of correcting those issues. Our protocol always results in weight loss because the focus is not on weight loss. It is on rest, cleansing, restoration and balancing.

I don't have a problem losing weight, but I always pile it back on afterwards. Will this happen to me with your programme?

Not if you work with us. The actual weight loss phase is 8 weeks. The maintenance and lifestyle support thereafter is more than 12 months, which shows where our focus lies.

Do you have a branch in Johannesburg / Cape Town?

Not yet, but we do have clients across South Africa and abroad. Thanks to modern technology, we can work with clients remotely, although the personal consultations are always first prize. We are however now moving into franchising as well, so the end objective is to have outlets around the country in the future.

Do you take credit card payments?

We do, both for local and remote clients. Please just ask for this option at time of payment.

What shakes/pills/supplements does your protocol use?

None. There is a homeopathic formula that is taken in pillule form, but that is all. Some individuals may need certain supplements based on their personal needs, but this is not part of the protocol.

My weight has gone out of control since menopause and I was told it is just a normal part of ageing because of the hormonal changes in my body, but my cousin, who is also menopausal, did your diet and went back down to her normal weight. Was this unique to her or can you always help with this?

This was not unique to your friend. It is the norm. For most people there is no reason why menopause needs to cause a permanent weight issue. Losses may be a bit slower because of the hormonal influences, but it is entirely possible to get to a much younger weight. Many of our clients end up at the weight they were when they were in their 20’s.

I am getting married in 8 months’ time and need to lose about 15kg. It is better for me to wait until just before the wedding to do the diet? I am so scared of losing it now and then gaining it again before the wedding, which would mean it was all for nothing.

There are basically 2 scenarios to consider here. If you are only concerned about looking stunning on your wedding day and do not mind regaining it all afterwards, then doing the protocol shortly before the wedding would work.However, if you would like to maintain your weight loss after your wedding day as well, then now is the time to start. That allows you to achieve the weight loss without the stress of your date looming, plus stabilize, plus learn to maintain it.

By going with the second option you will have far less stress and a much more meaningful outcome. You will also be able to enjoy your wedding without worrying about every morsel that you put into your mouth because by then you will know exactly how to manage and maintain your weight, even after a day of flat-out indulgence.

Remember that our support continues long after you have lost your weight. Even if something had to go completely haywire and you did regain some of the weight before the wedding, if you use our support and keep talking to us, we can get you back on track very quickly before the big day.

Do you only work with women?

If you look at our testimonials you will see that we work with both men and women and often have couples or even complete families signing up together.

I am due to have my baby in about 2 weeks’ time and am worried about my post-natal weight. Can I come and see you now to sign up so that I can start as soon as the baby is born?

You are welcome to book a consultation right now, but we would not accept a signup from you at this point. Once the baby is born, and you have fully recovered, and baby is no longer dependent on you for all its nutrition (breast feeding), then that would be the time to look at our protocol, if you still need it.

Did we not answer your question?

Send us your specific question by WhatsApp or email and we'll respond as soon as possible. 


Thish'omkhulu Ngcobo

08 January - 17 kgs

Unbelievably awesome!!! I lost 17kg's in 8 weeks. Very healthy and simple

Yvonne Tracy Reddy

11 August - 10 kgs

This programme is awesome. I'm currently on phase 2 and I've lost 10 kgs in a month. Im not on my chronic meds anymore which i take for my high blood pressure cos ever since on this program my bp is normal. This program is excellent!! I've tried many Weightloss programmes which cost me lots of money but nothing has worked as ️beautiful as this.

Susan Dippenaar Toman

16 April - 18.6 kgs

I lost 18.6kg. It is wonderful to have my body back. I tried various diets and would loose at the most 5kg. I now are starting to understand me (my body). Thank you ever so much.

Rosy Centenaro

27 February

5 star review




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